Software architecture diagrams, reimagined.

Visualize your codebase with Maps. Get valuable code insights, identify dependencies, and see how a change will impact the larger architecture.

CodeSee Maps are the single source of truth for your entire codebase.

Better, faster codebase understanding.

So much more than software architecture diagrams.

- Quickly onboard to codebases with context
- Make code changes with confidence
- Identify and solve core code problems

CodeSee Maps Self Updating Architecture Diagram

Self updating

Maps are automatically generated and update each time your code changes—you never have to worry about manually refreshing your Map.

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Code insights

Use the Insights panel to visualize the most active areas of a codebase and get details on individual files and folders, including the age of files and how many lines of code they represent.

Multi language

Maps is capable of displaying files and folders for any language, with the ability to visualize dependencies across Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript codebases.

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Labels + Notes

Provide context to your code using Labels and Notes, with color coding to indicate feature bounds, mark hotspots, or highlight tech debt—whatever’s useful to you.


Create visual walkthroughs of your code, using Tours to communicate ideal code paths, user flows, and more—and Tour Alerts will help you to ensure your Tours are always up to date.

How Maps works.

Auto-generated, self-updating code diagrams. They sync to your codebase as code evolves. With features to help you understand how files and folders are connected, see how code changes fit into the larger architecture, and more.
Screenshot of CodeSee Maps software architecture diagram
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We’d love to have you.

Join our beta program to explore how Maps can help your team better understand codebases.

No commitment, no cost. We want to design Maps to address your unique codebase challenges.
Insight into your user experience will help.

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Visually understand code

Our patented visual map provides a new type of view of your system. You understand where to start, what code ran in execution order, and all of the values of the data so you can see what's going on without reading every line of code.

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Link your documents to the code

Devs spend more time understanding code than actually writing or changing it. Learn new code by reading a story connected to the code. This unlocks onboarding new developers, fast feature execution & unprecedented debugging.

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Share your understanding

Sharing code understanding across your team makes your team more agile, as your developers can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

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