Why Create Software Architecture Diagrams?

Explore why software architecture diagrams are useful for even moderately sized codebases.

Finding Your First Job in Tech

Explore tips and tricks to help you break into the tech industry.

How to Get Unstuck

A series of tips to help when you're stuck in a coding problem.

Announcing the CodeSee Emerging Developer Track

Announcing CodeSee's Emerging Developer Track: resources created for advanced beginners in tech.

Pinpoint the code you’re looking for

Introducing CodeSee.log, data value search, and more

Go to Execution

When you see a callback & think: "Go to where the callback is executed" but you can’t? Now you can!

Introducing data flow improvements, search, and user events

Updates to help you 'hone in’ on the right function or variable in your data flow

Getting started with CodeSee: Stories

How do I capture my thoughts while I’m trying to understand how my code works?

Redesigning our data flows, and putting users first

The why and how behind our redesign of CodeSee data flows.

The Value of Reading Code

A series of tips on reading code and the value of doing so.

On Jobsharing

A look at jobsharing at CodeSee and reflections on part time, jobshares and flexible work.

Why We Started CodeSee

Because working at Docker pissed me off...

Learn to code smarter: How to become a senior software engineer quickly

No matter your background/experience, it’s possible to go from a junior to senior software engineer.