Runtime data flows through your code.

CodeSee Recordings allow you to explore the runtime flow of your code, document your understanding, and share this knowledge with others. 

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Explore your code—in execution order

Your code is too complex and changing too quickly for you to just debug it or have it explained. Our tools show you in detail how it works. But we also give you a summary and insights.

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Visualize all of the code that ran so you know where to start.
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Shows the code in execution order. No more mental jumps between files and folders.
Shows you important side effects of your code like network requests and responses.

Capture your understanding of the code as you go

You don't need better tools to help developers write documentation. You need fundamentally different tools. When your tool tells you how your code works as it changes, documentation can actually be helpful.

Shows how the code works, then connects a story to it. No more miscommunications or incorrect assumptions.
Create a story of why you did something, not just what you did.
Explore and then explain your feature in chronological order no matter what file or place in the code the comment is.
Software developers working with CodeSee's OSS Port

Share your understanding with others

Scalably sharing code understanding across your team is what you are missing. With CodeSee, you and your team can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

Being able to learn the nuances of new code more quickly takes onboarding down from months to possibly weeks or days.
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Finding the code that needs to be changed and what will be effected when you change it will save a lot of time and make developers more productive, especially if they are junior, outsourced, or remote.
It's like having a principal engineer pair with you 24/7.