Create a resilient codebase by detecting, visualizing and automating dependencies.

Automatically create a visual model of your dependencies to elevate hidden impact.

CodeSee supports C#, Go, Java, Javascript, Rust, Python, Typescript, Blazor, VB.NET and ASP.NET codebases hosted on GitHub.

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Your code is changing rapidly. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of speed.

CodeSee visualizes and helps you understand the impact changes have on your codebase so you can write quality, resilient code that can withstand future changes while still shipping code quickly.

Auto generate a map of your code.
Map your codebase for a true understanding of how your code works so that you can modify it. Remove bottlenecks and lessen time demands on original developers.
Gauge the impact of changes to your code before merging them.
See how your code is affected by each code change. No more guessing what impact your change will have.
Visualize areas of interest across your entire team.
Connect important paths and code knowledge to code so your team knows how to work with the code. Balance ease of development with writing maintainable code.
Collaborate and get alignment.
Make decisions based on your actual code and not on an out-of-date understanding. Identify which parts provide the most significant benefits from re-engineering.
Picture of Ryan Abrams from Stripe
“CodeSee gives me more visibility into what code is responsible for what parts of the product. So if I’m interacting with a given product/given project, and I need visibility into what parts of the code are responsible for doing what I am doing at a particular time, CodeSee really helps with that.”
Ryan Abrams
Senior Engineer, Stripe
CodeSee customer success

You're in great company.

We’re building a code visibility platform for development teams of all sizes, in companies at every stage—from startups to Fortune 500.

See the value and results from innovative teams using CodeSee that you can replicate across your team.

Customer case studies
3K hours
saved in code review/year
saved in code review/year
less time in code review
2.9k hours
saved in onboarding/year
saved in onboarding/year
* For a team of 10 developers