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CodeSee shows you how the code works.
First CodeSee. Then understand.

Our mission

To help everyone master the understanding of code.

Our story

Codebase visibility sucks.

Reading and understanding an unfamiliar codebase is painful. We know this viscerally. I was a senior director of product at Docker, and a show-stopping bug brought an important launch that we had been working on for months to a screeching halt. Why? Because the problem was coming from a part of the system that no one in the company understood. Everyone was terrified that if they changed something, it would cause catastrophic downstream effects to something else.

Today, there’s no one place to show how an entire system works. 

There is no shared understanding of how all of the code and functionality map to each other. It’s a vast amount of knowledge for even the most senior developer to retain, but it’s practically impossible for a junior developer. Onboarding new developers sucks up months of time they could be productive.

As an engineer, this experience stinks.

The code is ugly, not well-documented, not easy to understand, with too many interdependencies. Often the people who wrote the code are no longer there.

So what do you do?

When a developer needs to know something, they learn just enough to get their task done and nothing more. This happens when someone leaves, when there’s a critical bug or outage, or in my case, two days before a launch. These catastrophes happen all the time.

Where do you start?

You spend hours or even days just looking for the right place to start. You can try to find the exact person to ask and hope and pray they aren’t homeschooling their kid, or it’s 3 am their time because they are in a different time zone.

Even when we manage to build that understanding, teams are shipping new code all the time, and that understanding is almost instantly out of date.

Yet, we’re required to efficiently make changes, meet tight deadlines, stringent quality, and security requirements while having increased volume and variety of platforms and code and no tools to understand how any of it works.

It’s getting worse.

Over the last ten years, codebases have become 10x more complicated. You are left to figure it out, read the code line by line, and build a mental model for yourself to make some sense of what’s going on alone.

Development teams would become more agile, as developers would not be tied to working on only the code they already knew but could quickly grasp each new part of the system. You could move onto better things like system design, solve complicated scalability problems, or just get features out the door. We could collaborate around a single picture to more effectively complete our work.

Continuous Understanding.

In a nutshell, the old way of doing just enough discovery, reading code line by line, fails us. We all need Continuous Understanding to simply manage the amount and velocity of code our teams are pushing every day. It’s the missing link to real developer productivity.

CodeSee is the world’s first solution for Continuous Understanding. 

CodeSee helps development teams visually understand how your large scale codebase works, document it, and collaborate continuously. We let you zoom out to see the broader context, and zoom in to find your most wicked bugs.

What if everyone could instantly understand how all the code works?

CodeSee addresses the top three Continuous Understanding challenges:

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You don’t know where to start when trying to understand a large codebase.

CodeSee provides an instantaneous, complete, interactive code execution map, called a Data Flow. Data Flows enable you to find the code you need quickly, understand how the code works alongside all of the runtime data associated with it ー giving you a deeper level of understanding beyond a simple debugger.

Documentation alone is not enough.

Documentation is notoriously unreliable. It can't scale at the same speed as code and is out of date the minute you make a change.
You need to build and sustain the story of the code. As you are understanding code using our data flows, you are documenting it. CodeSee enables you to gather up your code and building blocks such as comments and commit messages while learning to create a story about how and why the code works the way it does. Your story remains connected to your code.

Creating a shared understanding among a global developer team about why code works the way it does is a huge challenge.

After you have built up that understanding into a story, you share that story with everyone ー whether in a PR or with a sales executive ー allowing you to create a shared mental model, communicate and collaborate faster and more effectively with everyone.

Our team

We’d love to have you.

Join our beta program to explore how Maps can help your team better understand codebases.

No commitment, no cost. We want to design Maps to address your unique codebase challenges.
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Visually understand code

Our patented visual map provides a new type of view of your system. You understand where to start, what code ran in execution order, and all of the values of the data so you can see what's going on without reading every line of code.

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Link your documents to the code

Devs spend more time understanding code than actually writing or changing it. Learn new code by reading a story connected to the code. This unlocks onboarding new developers, fast feature execution & unprecedented debugging.

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Share your understanding

Sharing code understanding across your team makes your team more agile, as your developers can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

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