Visual maps of your code.

With CodeSee codebase maps, avoid getting stuck. Start with visual knowledge of how code actually works and ship new features and refactors quickly with less bugs.

Be confident with your code decisions.

Codebase maps give developers confidence by minimizing lack of insight into dependencies and maintaining control as your code base grows.

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Ship code faster.
Map your codebase to fully understand how your code works so that you can modify it. See both upstream and downstream dependencies.
Plan refactors.
See all the parts of your code, break into manageable chunks, and assign owners. Know at a glance how risky a refactor might be or how long it will take.
Onboard colleagues.
Bring colleagues along by including interactive tours to guide them through the why behind what you coded. Get feedback sooner with real-time collaboration.
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“...If I’m interacting with a given product/given project, and I need visibility into what parts of the code are responsible for doing what I am doing at a particular time, CodeSee really helps with that.”

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Industry leaders trust and use maps of their codebase.
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How codebase maps work.

CodeSee supports Go, Java, Javascript, Rust, Python & Typescript.

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Customize your map.

Create maps unique to your needs. Use labels, color coding, and interactive tours to increase context and knowledge transfer. Check out some of our customers' codebase maps for ideas!

Share your map.

Invite your teammates to your map. They don't even need a CodeSee account to view your map! If you have a Business and Enterprise plan, you can disable public sharing of maps (visibility is set to private by default).

Capture decisions in real time or asynchronously.

Collaborators can connect in real time to share feedback on the design of new features, plan refactors, and more. As teammates chat through comments, important decisions are your code are captured for posterity. Never again lose design knowledge when someone moves to another team or part of the codebase.

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Change the game using codebase maps.

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