Don't document and hope — automate your code workflows.

Scalably enforce processes, best practices and disseminate tribal knowledge across your org — without annoying your developers.

Works for all languages.

Developers forget to follow (or just don’t know about) key patterns, processes, and workflows. Without automation, it’s nearly impossible to spread and enforce all the details required to develop in your codebase.

Codesee brings automation to your code knowledge and workflows. CodeSee watches as your code changes, and alerts developers before those changes are merged with: reminders, checklists, warnings, and assigning exactly the right team to review.

Knowledge kept in your eng's head... automate it.
Gotchas, unique quirks, context about working with your code is often kept in your engineers’ heads, or worse in stale documentation. Capture that tribal knowledge with Code Automations, and elevate it exactly when your engineers need it.
Enforce processes org-wide.
Compliance, security, risk, standards, best practices, comms between teams, and more can all be automated — finally.
Automate what you need and how you need it.
Customize each automation with patterns specific to your codebase, so only the right info is shared with the right people at the right time.

Browse through automation templates.

Create a Migration
When creating a migration, go through this checklist before merging.
View this template
Soc 2 Requirements for New Services
Follow the Soc 2 requirements process whenever a new service is added.
View this template
Endpoint Checklist
Checklists in context. Automatically generate a checklist based on which files were edited in a pull request.
View this template
Authorization Testing
When you touch the authorization flow, run this test matrix.
View this template
Icon Checklist
When adding icons, follow this checklist.
View this template
Route File Updates
You've made a new frontend route, do these things.
View this template
Assign Reviewers
Add assignees and reviewers automatically based on your chosen criteria. In this case, add the CTO to all server changes to review.
View this template
“I am able to visually see the changes in a pull request and begin to create a phased solution for staggering deployments. CodeSee now provides my primary method to identify differences in the code and where to make changes.”
Amy Meyers
CodeSee customer success

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