See the interdependencies of your code so you can ship code faster.

Automatically create and communicate a visual model of dependencies to elevate hidden impact.

Shipping code fast is hard when you're doing it blind.

With code visibility, everyone has the same, always up-to-date visual model of your code, services, and dependencies.

Visualize your services and code connections.

Automatic visibility into how your services interact in your app makes working across services as easy as working across files. Whether you have a monolith, a microservice architecture, or something in between, Service Maps ensure you always have a complete picture of your system.

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See how your PRs affect legacy dependencies.

See all the parts of code affected by each PR. Reduce the risk that a change will break something.

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Automate code for maintainability at scale.

Move fast knowing code automation can catch what you might miss. Soc 2 requirements need to be followed every time a service is introduced? Create a checklist that's enforced by default when anyone goes to merge a PR.

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“CodeSee allows Distribute Aid to implement relay-style code handoffs. Everyone is up to date, and we can maintain our momentum without burning out our volunteers.”

Taylor Fairbank
Co-Founder | Distribute Aid
Industry leaders trust and use CodeSee.
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