Onboard Anyone To Your Codebase

We spend more time trying to understand how code works than writing it. CodeSee’s insights gets you & your team up to speed in days not months.

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Lack of Codebase Understanding Blocks

CodeSee Maps and Recordings help any developer understand your codebase at any step of the development process.

Visually understand code

Our patented visual map provides a new type of view of your system. You understand where to start, what code ran in execution order, and all of the values of the data so you can see what's going on without reading every line of code.

Link your documents to the code

Devs spend more time understanding code than actually writing or changing it. Learn new code by reading a story connected to the code. This unlocks onboarding new developers, fast feature execution & unprecedented debugging.

Share your understanding

Sharing code understanding across your team makes your team more agile, as your developers can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

How Devs Use CodeSee

Open Source and Company Developers use CodeSee to:

Quickly and scalably onboard new contributors or team members to any part of the codebase.
Visualize the whole codebase to uncover unknown unknowns and gain the clarity you need to make fast, accurate decisions about your code.
Have a single, accurate source of truth of the code to layer on architectural knowledge like teams, owners, feature boundaries and more so that everyone is operating from the same mental model.

See a Bird’s-Eye View of Your Code

CodeSee creates a visual map of your codebase that stays up to date with every PR. Your CodeSee Map represents the current state of your codebase: it’s a single source of truth you can rely on.

Gain a mental model of how the whole codebase works together.
Create annotated maps of the code to assign team ownership and capture your understanding.
Share maps with your organization to aid with team collaboration, communication, onboarding, and alignment.

See Your Change Within the Big Picture

Devs can feel confident that pushing their change won’t break a downstream or shared component.  

On every PR, see the inputs and outputs of your change
See how your change affects the larger architecture before you merge.

When when your PR is reviewed, pass along your understanding making code reviews faster and more effective

Debug Your Code—in Execution Order

Use CodeSee Recordings to see and share a visual flow of your code at runtime. Drill down into which functions were called in what order, and inspect the values of variables at all times. No more mental jumps between files and folders.

Explore important side effects of your code like network requests and responses.
Traverse through looping operations, and time-travel through your data flow in either direction.
Search your recording for any function, variable name, or even runtime values.

Folks Talking About CodeSee

“CodeSee gives me more visibility into what code is responsible for what parts of the product. So if I’m interacting with a given product/given project, and I need visibility into what parts of the code are responsible for doing what I am doing at a particular time, CodeSee really helps with that.”

Ryan Abrams
Senior Engineer, Stripe

“I love how simple CodeSee makes it to understand the execution flow, by presenting runtime snapshots in their original context- the code I wrote and the data I entered! And if I'm really stuck it's easy ask other contributors for help. CodeSee is like Loom for your source code—drop a few comments, share a link, and your whole async team can see what you do!.”

Senior Engineer, Distribute Aid

“Quickly and scalably onboard engineers by visualizing your codebase. code as stories, document as you go. plenty to like, one to watch for 2021.”

James Governor
Co-Founder, RedMonk