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Explore something new with Maps.

Your code is constantly evolving—so should your understanding.

Maps are automatically generated and update with each commit, including codebase Insights and any customizations you’ve made with Labels, Notes, and Tours. 

Accelerate developer onboarding.

Maps provide a reliable visual foundation for building codebase understanding, so developers can start making meaningful contributions without the friction often associated with onboarding. 

The main folders in a MapCode folders in a Map.Dependencies that connect code files in a Map.Code files in a Map.

Intuitive code reviews.

Visualize changes to review logically. Segment files into related sections and browse them in Map and diff views. Create step-by-step, visual walkthroughs of changes, highlighting important steps and sharing guidance.

Code files connecting to dependencies within a folder in a Map.Cursor in CodeSee MapA code diff within a CodeSee Map.

Continuous code understanding.

Maps reflect the up-to-date codebase, with the ability to interact with and understand files and file relationships. So whether you're working independently or collaborating as a team, Maps can act as a single source of truth.

Code files within a MapCode dependency arrowsA code file within a MapCode dependency arrowsCode files within a Map

Drive collaboration.

Sharing development details is key to cross-organization project management, but code is not a universal language. Maps can be used to guide collaboration and communication with project stakeholders, no matter their code knowledge.

Multiple code files within a MapColored and labeled code files within a MapCode file with a labeled note

Dependencies display in


How Maps works.

Quickly and reliably understand how files are related, see how code changes fit into the larger software architecture, and more.

Always up to date.

Maps are automatically generated and sync to your codebase with each commit, so you never have to worry about manually updating your Map.

Code files in a CodeSee MapFiles and dependencies in a CodeSee Map

Valuable code insights.

Use Insights to visualize the most active areas of a codebase and get details on individual files, including file age and how many lines of code they represent.

Code files and dependencies labeled with notes in a CodeSee MapInsights of a CodeSee Map

Multi language support.

Maps displays files and folders for any language, with the ability to visualize dependencies in Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript.

Folders and code files in a CodeSee mapThe different code languages displayed in CodeSee Maps

Provide helpful context.

Customize Maps and provide context to your code using Labels and Notes, with color coding to indicate feature bounds, mark hotspots, or highlight tech debt—whatever’s useful to you.

Code language folderCode files and dependencies of a CodeSee MapMap legend of a CodeSee Map

Take users on a Tour.

Create visual walkthroughs of your code, using Tours to communicate ideal code paths, user flows, and more—and Tour Alerts will help you keep your Tours up to date.

Code files and dependencies of a CodeSee MapSteps and descriptions of a tour in a CodeSee Map

The future of codebase understanding.

Explore the CodeSee Community.

Access Maps resources and support, and connect with Team CodeSee and others in the CodeSee global community!

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Connecting projects to people and people to resources.

Discover, share, and support open-source projects. A community dedicated to helping all developers overcome the barriers to taking on new codebases through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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What folks are saying.

Customer case studies

“CodeSee gives me more visibility into what code is responsible for what parts of the product. So if I’m interacting with a given product/given project, and I need visibility into what parts of the code are responsible for doing what I am doing at a particular time, CodeSee really helps with that.”

Picture of Ryan Abrams from Stripe
Ryan Abrams
Senior Engineer, Stripe

"... I am very excited for how much easier navigating code reviews will be."

chaseadamsio | @chaseadamsio
Twitter user
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"Been using CodeSee and it's a game changer... get used to navigating a codebase fast."

CodeSee employee
Lucia Cerchie | @CerchieLucia
Twitter user
Twitter icon

“Quickly and scalably onboard engineers by visualizing your codebase. Code as stories, document as you go. Plenty to like, one to watch for 2021.”

James Governor
Co-Founder, RedMonk
Twitter icon

"A pretty interesting product for understanding large codebases logically instead of going through plain text documentation."

CodeSee employee
Akash Hamirwasia | @blenderskool
Twitter user
Twitter icon

“CodeSee allows Distribute Aid to implement relay-style code handoffs. Maps document the current state of the code for incoming devs, so others can wind down. Everyone is up to date, and we can maintain our momentum without burning out our volunteers.”

Senior Engineer, Distribute Aid

"This is legitimately cool. Don't miss out."

CodeSee employee
Kyle R. Conway | @K_REY_C
Twitter user
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