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Visually Understand How Your Large Codebase Works.

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Does this story sound familiar?

Count how many times you nod your head.

There’s no one place for anyone that shows how an entire system works.

There's no shared understanding of how all of the code and functionality map to each other. It’s a huge amount of knowledge for even the most senior developer to retain but it’s practically impossible for a less experienced developer. And onboarding new developers sucks up weeks or more before they're productive.

As an engineer, this experience sucks.

The code is complex, not well-documented, not easy to understand, has too many interdependencies and edge cases. And, often the people who wrote the code are no longer at the company.

So what do you do?

You spend hours or even days just looking for the right place to start. You can try to find the exact person to ask and hope and pray they are still at the company, and it’s not 3am their time because they are in a different time zone. Yet we’re required to efficiently make changes, meet tight deadlines, stringent quality and security requirements, without the tools to understand how it all works.

Even when we do manage to build understanding, teams are shipping new code so fast that your understanding is almost instantly out of date.

Over the last ten years, codebases have become 10x more complicated. You are left to figure it out, read the code line by line, and build a mental model for yourself to make some sense of what’s going on ... alone.

What if everyone could instantly understand how all the code works?

The old way of reading code line by line, is failing us. We all need Continuous Understanding to simply manage the amount and velocity of code our teams are pushing each and every day. It’s the missing link to true developer productivity.

CodeSee is the
World’s First Solution for
Continuous Understanding.

CodeSee helps development teams visually understand how your large scale codebase works, document it and collaborate continuously.
We let you zoom out to see the wider context, and
zoom in to see every detail.

Visually understand code

Our patented visual map provides a new type of view of your system. You understand where to start, what code ran in execution order, and all of the values of the data so you can see what's going on without reading every line of code.

Link your documents to the code

Devs spend more time understanding code than actually writing or changing it. Learn new code by reading a story connected to the code. This unlocks onboarding new developers, fast feature execution & unprecedented debugging.

Share your understanding

Sharing code understanding across your team makes your team more agile, as your developers can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

Folks Talking About CodeSee

“CodeSee gives me more visibility into what code is responsible for what parts of the product. So if I’m interacting with a given product/given project, and I need visibility into what parts of the code are responsible for doing what I am doing at a particular time, CodeSee really helps with that.”

Ryan Abrams
Senior Engineer, Stripe

“Quickly and scalably onboard engineers by visualizing your codebase." code as stories, document as you go. plenty to like, one to watch for 2021.”

James Governor
Co-Founder, RedMonk

Seriously...Understand How Your Code Works

Your code is too complex and changing too quickly for you to just debug it or have it explained. Our tools show you in detail how it works. (But we also give you a summary and insights).

Visualize all of the code that ran so you know where to start
Shows the code in execution order. No more mental jumps between files and folders.
Shows you important side effects of your code like network requests and responses.

Tell A Story About Your Code. Don't Just Document It.

You don't need better tools to help developers write documentation. You need fundamentally different tools. When your tool tells you how your code works as it changes, documentation can actually be helpful.

Shows how the code works, then connects a story to it. No more miscommunications or incorrect assumptions.
Create a story of why you did something, not just what you did.
Explore and then explain your feature in chronological order no matter what file or place in the code the comment is

Share Your Understanding With Others.

Scalably sharing code understanding across your team is what you are missing. With CodeSee you and your team can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

Being able to learn the nuances of new code more quickly takes onboarding down from months to possibly weeks or days.
Finding the code that needs to be changed and what will be effected when you change it will save a lot of time and make developers more productive, especially if they are junior, outsourced, or remote.
It's like having a principal engineer pair with you 24/7