Refactor legacy code by detecting, visualizing and automating unknown code.

CodeSee helps you easily untangle the parts of code involved in a refactor by visualizing your codebase.

How can you refactor when you don't know what is buried?

Refactors and migrations are hard to do and estimate because of the countless unknown unknowns.

Visualize my codebase
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Auto generate a map of your code.
By making a roadmap for your refactor and attaching it directly to your code, you can simplify and streamline the process.
Chart your refactor progress.
As you complete your refactor, we will keep your visuals up to date. Intelligently prioritize time to clean up existing code versus responding to new market demands.
Collaborate and get alignment.
Make decisions based on your actual code and not on an out-of-date understanding. Identify which parts provide the most significant benefits from re-engineering.
Planning a refactor map

“CodeSee allows Distribute Aid to implement relay-style code handoffs. Everyone is up to date, and we can maintain our momentum without burning out our volunteers.”

Taylor Fairbank
Co-Founder | Distribute Aid
Industry leaders trust and use CodeSee.
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We’re building a code visibility platform for development teams of all sizes, in companies at every stage—from startups to Fortune 500.

See the value and results from innovative teams using CodeSee that you can replicate across your team.

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