What is code visibility?

Code visibility is like having a Google Map for your codebase.

CodeSee is a code visualization tool for the lifecycle of your code. Manage context from planning and shipping features, pass that info along for code reviews, then teach others about what you did and why that is always up to date.

Finally, a visual of your code.

Automatically create a map of your code.
See the connection between services, files and directories
Your map stays up-to-date as your code changes.
breaking modules up map

Crowdsource your knowledge.

Make visual async walkthroughs of your code that will alert you when they are out of date.
Connect features, tech debt, ownership and more to the code. Help future engineers (and your future self) avoid pitfalls and gotchas that persist.
Instantly see insights about your code.
Code knowledge gif

You and your team understand your changes... visually.

When you are done writing the code, visualize your change to ensure that it reflects where you were trying to go.
Once you’re happy, walk your teammates through your map so that they know what you were thinking and why.
Once reviewed, merge it and your map is automatically updated to reflect your change.
Visual code reviews map

Automate code rules to ensure maintainability and resiliency.

Once merged, set automations that ensure future developer’s changes follow your standards and patterns.
Watch the code and trigger context-specific warnings, checklists, security rules or compliance mandates.
Only see the checklist when necessary creating warnings you’ll actually follow.
tech debt map

Rinse... and repeat for a more resilient codebase.

Why code visibility?

Every developer's codebase is different. But everyone's code should be resilient.

Code that's resilient against unexpected change.

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Ship features and refactors faster.

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Get and keep your engs up to speed.

Map icon

Ensure maintainability with automation.