Faster Open Source project onboarding.

Codebase visualizations synced with your code knowledge ensures maintainers can get contributors and stay up to speed quickly.

You need more than a readme.

Who doesn't want awesome contributors? That's a maintainer's #1 goal! But, getting contributors onboarded takes too long, and then they bounce forever.

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See how the project works
Contributors can get up to speed on how the code works quickly by seeing connections on an automatic code map.
Save time by reviewing PRs visually and not a long changed files list
Merge contributor's changes faster by reviewing PRs visually. Contributors can create tours of PRs saving you time.
Onboard all contributors.
Interactive tours guide contributors through the why behind what you coded.
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Better open source project onboarding.

Onboarding to an open source codebase is the biggest barrier to contribution. Visit to join maintainers and contributors making an impact in OSS.

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Show off your code visualizations

Show off your codebase visuals for bragging rights of course.

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