Make working across services as easy as working across files.

Every connection between services automatically detected, visualized, and linked to the code, so you can confidently make changes across services.

There are so many connection points between services. Without visibility, it's nearly impossible to confidently make changes.

CodeSee finally brings visibility to your service layer.

A map of every service and every endpoint.
See what services exist, what endpoints are being exposed, and which other services are using each endpoint.
A service map that is connected to your code.
Finally understand exactly which lines of code are responsible for each connection between services. It’s like “go to definition” and  “find all references” for your APIs.
External APIs.
Detect and visualize how each service accesses 3rd party APIs. Yep. Enough said.
“I am able to visually see the changes in a pull request and begin to create a phased solution for staggering deployments. CodeSee now provides my primary method to identify differences in the code and where to make changes.”
Amy Meyers
CodeSee customer success

You're in great company.

We’re building a code visibility platform for development teams of all sizes, in companies at every stage—from startups to Fortune 500.

See the value and results from innovative teams using CodeSee that you can replicate across your team.

Customer case studies
3K hours
saved in code review/year
saved in code review/year
less time in code review
2.9k hours
saved in onboarding/year
saved in onboarding/year
* For a team of 10 developers

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