A new approach to code review.

Reviewing changes to a codebase has never been easier.

Quickly visualize the potential impact of code changes in Review Maps, with the ability to navigate between files and folders, view how code is being updated in one double-click, and share Comments and progress with other devs.

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Submit code reviews

Contextualize and submit code reviews, all in one intuitive UI/UX.

Side-by-side code comparison

Simply double-click on individual files in a Map to view changes in a code diff.

Intuitive grouping

Code is grouped intuitively, so you can review based on logic and functionality.

Identify dependencies

See dependencies between files and folders in Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript codebases.

Add Comments

Provide feedback on code reviews by placing and responding to Comments—they're automatically reflected in the repository.

Mark as 'Reviewed'

Easily mark sections as 'Reviewed' as you move through a code review.

CodeSee code review visualization process.

See what's possible.

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Visually understand code

Our patented visual map provides a new type of view of your system. You understand where to start, what code ran in execution order, and all of the values of the data so you can see what's going on without reading every line of code.

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Link your documents to the code

Devs spend more time understanding code than actually writing or changing it. Learn new code by reading a story connected to the code. This unlocks onboarding new developers, fast feature execution & unprecedented debugging.

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Share your understanding

Sharing code understanding across your team makes your team more agile, as your developers can work on all the code, not just the code they wrote.

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