Review maps reveal unknown dependencies.

Visual code reviews saves time identifying code dependencies, helping you to get code out the door faster.

See impact of changes before they're merged.

Avoid last minute surprises. Know immediately the potential impact of code changes. Intuitively navigate between files, seeing how code is being updated with one double-click, and easily track the progress of your review.

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“I am able to visually see the changes in a pull request and begin to create a phased solution for staggering deployments. CodeSee now provides my primary method to identify differences in the code and where to make changes.”

Amy Meyers
Senior Software Engineer |
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Want insight into your code dependencies?

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See review maps in action.

CodeSee supports Go, Java, Javascript, Rust, Python & Typescript.

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Sanity check your work.

Done writing code? See all the parts of code affected by each PR and make any necessary fixes. Think of CodeSee review maps as a pair that doesn't talk.

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Add comments and create tours.

Make your reviewer's life easy; break large reviews into manageable pieces directing them to files that have been actually changed. Once you’re happy with your code visualization, walk your teammates through your map so that they know what you were thinking and why.

Visual code reviews map

Share your map with colleagues.

Discuss proposed changes with your reviewer or team in real-time or asynchronously. When ready, merge your PR. CodeSee updates your map and saves your conversations.

Up level your code reviews.

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