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Visualize your actual codebase like Architecture Notes.

Build and refactor apps and code changes without guesswork through visualization.

It's GPS... for your code.

Devs spend 60% of your time reading and understanding code before you can ship anything new.

Get a map of your code to help you onboard to new code, refactor it or ship features faster.

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Visualize your codebase.

Automatically create a map of your code and see the connection between your services, directories and files.

Your map will stay up-to-date as your code changes.

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Crowdsource your knowledge.

Use a map in your editor to collect and connect your thoughts as you are coding, connect features, tech debt, ownership and more to the code, and help future engineers (and your future self) avoid pitfalls and gotchas that persist.

Instantly see insights about your code.

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Review & collaborate.

Once you’re happy with your code visualization, walk your teammates through your map so that they know what you were thinking and why.

Upon review, merge it with your map and it will automatically update to reflect your changes.


Automate your codebase.

Once merged, set automations that ensure future developer’s changes follow your standards and patterns. Watch the code and trigger context-specific warnings, checklists, security rules or compliance mandates.

Only see the checklist when necessary, creating warnings you’ll actually follow.

Amy Meyers, p.volve

“I am able to visually see the changes in a pull request and begin to create a phased solution for staggering deployments. CodeSee now provides my primary method to identify differences in the code and where to make changes.”

Amy Meyers
Senior Software Engineer |
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