Convince your boss why you need CodeSee.

CodeSee is a developer tool that integrates with GitHub to make your team more productive. Manage context from planning and shipping features, pass that into along for code reviews, and then teach others about what you did and why that is always up to date.

CodeSee helps you:
Visualize your codebase to plan and ship features faster and simplify onboarding.
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Simplify code reviews by sharing intent and visualizing dependencies.
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Automatically enforce processes, compliance, and best practices.
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Frequently-asked questions.
Is the Installation complicated?

No, it takes about 10 clicks to install CodeSee on a GitHub repository. When you sign up, our app will onboard you through the entire setup flow, and you can also follow along with our setup documentation.

Is CodeSee secure?

We don't store any of your code on our servers. We are also SOC 2 type two compliant. We utilize GitHubs API to be able to get the information. We adhere to the highest security standards. We also  are now offering an on Prem/on cloud version. So you can feel extra safe and secure that your code won't go. We take security and privacy seriously.

We'd be happy to send you over our SOC2 to type 2 report as well as our data flow diagram. What we store is listed here on our privacy docs page.

How much does CodeSee cost?

Anyone can try CodeSee for free indefinitely, and we offer extra features like SSO, advanced permissioning, and code automation for just $10 per collaborator per month.

For enterprise, we understand that the world is going through some changes right now. We'd be happy to chat with you about your situation and work with you about work with you on price.
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Does everyone on the team have to use Codesee?

No. All of CodeSee's information is synced with GitHub, so if some team members don't use it, it's all

Does it integrate into a team's workflow?

CodeSee is integrated into your preexisting GitHub workflow and soon through our VS Code extension. While CodeSee is available to every team member, the day-to-day of individuals who choose not to use it remains the same.

What languages does CodeSee support?

Most CodeSee features work with every programming language. The dependency detection in Code
Reviews and Codebase Maps works with Go, Java, Javascript, Rust, Python, and TypeScript.