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Refactor legacy code by detecting, visualizing and automating unknown code.

CodeSee helps you when refactoring legacy code by visualizing your codebase so you can untangle and understand the parts of code involved.

How can you refactor when you don't know what is buried?

Refactors and migrations on GitHub are hard to estimate and complete because of the countless unknown unknowns.

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CodeSee makes it easy to automatically create an accurate visual model of your code so you can refactor it.

With CodeSee you can plan your refactor, visualize your progress with auto-syncing codebase maps and automatic service discovery, and avoid setbacks with code automation.

Auto generate a map of your code.

By making a roadmap for your refactor and attaching it directly to your code, you can simplify and streamline the process.

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Chart your refactor progress.

With service-layer visibility, keeping track of all your new microservices doesn't have to be a chore. Automatically visualized connections between services–and linked to the code–ensures everyone understands your services and sees how your migration is progressing.

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Automatically generated checklists keep refactors on track.

Help engineers develop new habits. Automated comments can remind engineers to introduce files in a microservice defined in another repo instead of a particular folder.

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You're in great company.

We’re building a code visibility platform for development teams of all sizes, in companies at every stage—from startups to Fortune 500.

See the value and results from innovative teams using CodeSee that you can replicate across your team.

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3K hours
saved in code review/year
saved in code review/year
less time in code review
saved in onboarding/year
* For a team of 10 developers

CodeSee deep dives

We completed a 13.5K line refactor; a huge shift. Because I used CodeSee, the CTO finally understood the complexity of what we are taking on. Maps make large refactors possible.

Amy Meyers, p.volve

Amy Meyers

Lead Dev, p.volve

Refactoring is easy at p.volve with CodeSee

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Don't be Southwest Airlines: Convince your leadership to refactor your codebase

How many developers at Southwest warned managers and the executive team that they needed to upgrade their legacy system? All of them.

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Refactoring and the Monolith-to-Services Migration

Refactoring is easy—as long as you don’t work with other people or touch anybody else’s code.

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Why Everyone on Your Team Should Understand the Codebase (Even a Little)

Do non-coders on your team, like sales and marketing reps, management execs, understand how your app works? Maybe they should. But only a little is needed.

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