Visibly understand how your code works.

CodeSee is the first code understanding platform, designed to help you better read, understand and work with JavaScript codebases.

CodeSee Maps in action.

Onboard better.

Your codebase is too large to understand it in a week.
Have the luxury of onboarding to your codebase with a Map.

OSS Port

OSS Port allows maintainers to provide contribution best practices, support guidance, and interactive visual walkthroughs of their codebase using CodeSee Maps.

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Distribute Aid

Distribute Aid is a web app and API to collect aid offers, coordinate aid prepare shipments for international shipping to refugees.

Distribute Aid uses CodeSee to onboard volunteer engineers to their open source web app and API.

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CodeSee Recordings in action.

Debug better.

Demo app: Emoji search
Watch how easy it is to get started with CodeSee! (15 secs)

Debug an issue with search

Whoops! When searching for “animal” the robot emoji shows up. See how a developer uses CodeSee Recordings to diagnose and fix an issue.

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Understand how search works

Follow along as a senior engineer shows the rest of the team what code ran, where to start and interesting things to look out for in a CodeSee Recording.

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Open the Emoji Search demo app