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Code Visibility from Day 0

March 22, 2023 @ 9am (PT)
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Getting to product-fit and market-fit quickly requires a clear understanding of your codebase from day one. It's not enough that you have a vision. Iterating fast means your codebase rapidly diverges from that vision.

So how do you bring everyone along? That's where Code Visibility comes in. Code Visibility refers to the ability to understand and manage the quality and complexity of your code at all times.
Reasons to Attend:
  1. Set your team up to ship features quickly from day one and reduce time to market
  2. Increase code quality and maintain it over time
  3. Facilitate collaboration and communications among teams
Who Should Attend:

Anyone at a startup of any stage–from early-stage startups just starting to write code to those that have already launched their products.

Headshot of Shanea Leven, CodeSee CEO
Shanea Leven, CEO of CodeSee
Shanea Leven is the founder and CEO of CodeSee, a developer tool that helps developers and teams better onboard, refactor, and understand codebases. Prior to CodeSee, Shanea led teams that delivered high-quality products and features for leading companies including Google, Docker, eBay and Cloudflare.


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